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                    • Radiation
                    • Radiation Type Full Welded Ball Valve

                      Product model: Q361F
                      Pressure Grade: 150-300 LB, 1.6 MPa-5.0 MPa
                      Product Specification: 1/2"~30", DN15~750mm
                      Material: WCB, A105, F11, F22, F304, F316, CF8, CF8M, WCC.
                      Applicable temperature: - 29 (- 20) ~ + 200 (- 392)
                      Connection mode: welding, butt welding.
                      Applicable media: water, oil, natural gas, acid-base media, etc.
                      Driving mode: electric, manual, worm wheel, gear drive

                      Texture of material

                      1: Valve body: carbon steel ST37.0, A106-B; 20 steel

                      2: Spherical: Stainless steel 304 or 316

                      3): Stem: 2Cr13

                      4: Stem Seal: Perfluorinated Image Adhesive

                      5: Spherical seal: RTFE (PTFE+C)

                      Standard characteristics

                      1: Path: DN15-1000

                      2: Pressure: PN 16 - 40

                      3: Working temperature: - 29 ~200 ~

                      4: Welding Ball Valve Medium for Gas Pipeline: Petroleum/Gasoline, Liquefied Natural Gas/LPG, Petrochemical Industry, Iron and Steel Works, Heating Pipeline, etc.

                      5: Gas Pipeline Welding Ball Valve Operation Mode: Handle, Gear (Vertical/Horizontal), Electric, Turbine


                      1: City gas: gas output pipeline, main line and branch line supply pipeline, etc.

                      2: Central heating: large-scale heating equipment output pipeline, main line, branch line.

                      3: Heat exchanger: pipes and loops open and close.

                      4: Steel works: various fluid pipelines, waste gas selective discharge pipelines, gas and thermal supply pipelines, fuel supply pipelines.

                      5: Various industrial equipment, various heat treatment pipelines, various industrial gas and thermal pipelines.


                      1: No maintenance, adjustment and lubrication, easy installation, long-term reliable operation at low operating costs. The surface is sprayed with beautiful gloss, which is in the leading position in China. There will be no external leakage and other phenomena. The body is welded, so the valve is lightweight and easy to insulate. Installation of adjusting mechanism is very simple. Operating handle can be removed and reversed for installation.

                      2: Because the valve seat is composed of carbon fiber reinforced Teflon seal ring and disc spring, it has strong adaptability to the change of pressure and temperature, and will not produce any slip in the range of marked pressure and temperature.

                      3: The sphere processing process has advanced computer detection instrument tracking detection, so the sphere processing accuracy is high.

                      4: Because the material of valve body is the same as that of pipeline, there will be no uneven stress, no deformation due to earthquake and vehicle passing through the ground, and the pipeline will be ageing resistant.

                      5: Integral full welding, equal diameter and variable diameter channel, using fixed ball and floating ball, double piston effect sealing system, automatic

                      Inject sealant bearing.

                      6: In order to prevent static electricity, steel balls and springs are installed between the valve stem and sphere, and between the valve stem and packing box, which can keep all parts of the valve and the valve body conductive, let the current pass through the area, and release static electricity. Not only to prevent fire, but also to prevent corrosion, temporary cut-off, in order to timely maintenance.

                      7: Stem anti-detachment function is because the stem is affected by the pressure inside the valve and always produces the force of detachment, so the stem is designed as anti-detachment structure.

                      8: The thrust washer with low friction material is used to push the pressure to the stem, so that the stem can only transmit the torque.