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                    • Self-reliance
                    • Self-reliance Type Pressure Balance Regulator Valve

                      Product model: V231D01
                      Valve body material: WCB, 304, 316
                      Material of spool: WCB, 304, 316
                      Cover Type: Standard Type, Normal Temperature Type, High Temperature Type, Low Temperature Type, Heat Dissipation Type, Bellows Sealing Type
                      Pressure rating: PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64
                      Seat Structure: Single Seat, Pressure Balanced, Double Seat
                      Flow Characteristics: Quick Open
                      Function mode: pressure relief type in front of valve and pressure relief type in back of valve
                      Voltage regulation range: 15-3000KPA

                      Product overview

                      Self-powered pressure balancing control valve is widely used in industry. It is a kind of control device that can automatically adjust by setting a pre-set value without external resources, and only needs to measure the change of pressure, temperature or flow. It is an energy-saving instrument with multi-function of instrument control system such as control and execution. It can be divided into self-operated pressure (micro-pressure) control valve, self-operated (differential pressure) flow control valve and self-operated temperature control valve. Applicable to urban heating, heating and no power supply, gas supply and need to control occasions.

                      Standard technical parameters

                      Body type: single seat

                      Nominal Path: DN20-DN300

                      Nominal Pressure: ANSI150, 300, 600LB JIS10, 16, 20, 30, 40K PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4MPa

                      Connection mode: flange: FF, RF, RJ and LG

                      Flange standard: ANSI B16.5, JIS B2201 JB/T79.1 PN1.6MPa, JB/T79.2

                      Thread: DIN, NPT, RC, BSP, G, etc.

                      Welding: GB12224-89

                      Sealing surface form: PN16 convex surface, PN40, PN63, PN100 concave surface

                      Material: WCB, WCC, WC6, 304, 316, 304L, 316L

                      Upper cover: Standard type (-20 ~200 ~C) low temperature type (-60 ~196 ~C) heat dissipation type (-40 ~450 ~C)

                      Bellows sealing type

                      Cover Form: Plate Form

                      Filler: V-type fluorotetrafluoroethylene, flexible graphite

                      Valve components

                      Core type: single plunger type, pressure balance type, double seats, metal seal, soft seal, quick opening characteristics

                      Core seat: 304, 316, 316L + STL

                      Executing agency

                      Form: Multi-spring membrane actuator

                      Diaphragm Material: Polyester Fabric Reinforced by NBR Clip

                      Signal Interface: Inner Thread M16*1.5

                      Product performance

                      Rated KV: Reference Table

                      Flow Characteristics: Quick Opening

                      Mode of action: pressure control before valve and pressure control after valve

                      Pressure regulation range: reference table

                      Pressure control accuracy: +8%

                      Leakage Class: Metal Seal: Less than 0.01 (ANSI B16.104-1976IV)

                      Soft seal: less than 0.00001%