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                    • Pneumatic
                    • Pneumatic Diaphragm Two-seat Regulating Valve

                      Product model: ZXN
                      Valve body material: WCB, 304, 316, 316L
                      Material of spool: 304, 316 + STL PTFE
                      Seat Material: 304, 316 + STL; PTFE
                      Connection mode: flange, thread, welding
                      Seat type: single seat, double seat, sleeve
                      Cover Type: Standard Type, Low Temperature Type, Heat Dissipation Type, Bellows Sealing Type
                      Pneumatic Actuator: Multi-spring Thin Film Actuator
                      Accessories: Electrical positioner, air filter pressure relief valve, handwheel, reserve valve

                      Product overview

                      The pneumatic film two-seat regulating valve adopts double-guide structure. The valve body is compact, the flow passage is S-streamlined, the pressure drop is small, the flow rate is large, the adjustable range is wide, and the flow characteristic precision is high. Because of the guidance at the top and bottom of the spool, it has the characteristics of anti-seismic and anti-wear. The control valve is equipped with multi-spring membrane actuator, which has small structure and large output force. It is more suitable for good control under the process conditions requiring good stability, high reliability, high pressure, high pressure difference and easy blockage of silt impeller in fluid medium.