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                    • Stainless
                    • Stainless Steel Threaded Swing Check Valve

                      Product model: H14W
                      Nominal Path: DN15-50mm
                      Nominal pressure: PN1.0-1.6MPa
                      Applicable Temperature: - 29 ~425
                      Applicable media: water, steam, oil, other corrosive media
                      Scope of application: beer, beverage, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, etc.

                      Product overview

                      The function of H14W stainless steel threaded swing check valve is to prevent medium backflow in pipeline. Check valves belong to automatic valves. The opening and closing parts open or close by themselves depending on the force of flowing media. Check valves are only used in pipelines with one-way media flow to prevent media backflow in case of accidents. Applicable medium: water, oil, steam, acid medium, etc.

                      Design standard

                      Design and Manufacture: GB12236

                      Structure length: GB12221

                      Pressure-temperature grade: GB9131, JB/T74, HG20604

                      Connection flange: JB/T74, GB9113, HG20592-20635

                      Test and Inspection: JB/T9092-1999, GB13927

                      Product characteristics

                      Internal Thread Check Valve - high precision, beautiful appearance, small shape, with spring device, vertical and horizontal installation can be characteristics. Mainly suitable for pipeline system to prevent medium backflow use, the function of internal thread check valve is to prevent medium backflow in pipeline.