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                    • Electric
                    • Electric Globe Valve

                      Product model: J941H
                      Nominal Path: DN50-300mm
                      Nominal pressure: PN1.6-16.0 MPa
                      Applicable Temperature: <540 Temperature
                      Main Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.

                      Product overview

                      The opening and closing parts of the electric globe valve are plug-shaped discs. The sealing surface is flat or conical. The disc moves in a straight line along the center line of the fluid. The movement of the valve stem is in the form of lifting rod (stem lifting, hand wheel not lifting), and lifting rotating rod (hand wheel and stem rotating lifting together, nuts set on the valve body). Electric globe valves are only suitable for full opening and closing, and are not allowed to be regulated and throttled.

                      Main features and uses

                      The valve has compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity, smooth passage and small flow resistance coefficient.

                      The sealing surface is made of stainless steel and cemented carbide with long service life.

                      Flexible graphite packing, reliable sealing, easy operation and flexibility

                      The driving modes include manual, electric, pneumatic and gear power transmission. The structure types are elastic wedge single gate, rigid wedge single gate and double gate.

                      Widely used in petrochemical industry, thermal power plants and other oil products, steam pipelines for the opening and closing device to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline.