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                    Announcement of the Requirements for the Implementation of Mandatory Product Certification Management Converted from Production License

                    AddTime:2019-07-13    Read:1522

                    In accordance with the requirements of the Decision of the State Council on Further Reducing the Catalogue of Industrial Product Production License Management and Simplifying the Examination and Approval Procedure (No. 33 of Guofa [2018]), the General Administration of Market Supervision has decided to change the management of explosion-proof electrical products from production license to compulsory product certification (CCC certification). In order to ensure the smooth implementation of CCC certification and smooth and orderly work cohesion, the relevant requirements are announced as follows:

                    I. Date of implementation of certification

                    Since October 1, 2019, explosion-proof electrical appliances, household gas appliances and household refrigerators with a calibrated volume of more than 500L have been included in the scope of CCC certification management. The designated certification bodies (certification bodies and laboratory appointments will be announced separately) have started accepting certification commissions; the market supervision of production and Construction Corps of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang. The Administration Bureau (departments and committees) (hereinafter referred to as provincial market supervision departments) has stopped accepting relevant production license applications and has accepted the termination of administrative licensing procedures according to law.

                    Since October 1, 2020, the above products have not obtained the compulsory product certification certificate and labeled the compulsory certification mark. They are not allowed to leave the factory, sell, import or use in other business activities.

                    II. Requirements for the work of designated certification bodies

                    The designated certification authority shall formulate rules for the implementation of certification in accordance with the requirements of the general rules for compulsory product certification and the corresponding rules for product implementation, and complete the registration with the General Administration of Market Supervision (the Department of Certification Supervision) by September 25, 2019.

                    The Link between CCC Certification and Production License Management

                    (1) Before October 1, 2020, the above products produced by domestic enterprises shall be manufactured, sold or used in other business activities with a valid production license or CCC certification.

                    (2) For enterprises that have obtained production licenses, if the above products do not continue to be produced after October 1, 2020 (including), there is no need for CCC certification; otherwise, the Certification Commission shall be submitted as soon as possible and CCC certification shall be obtained before October 1, 2020.

                    (3) The designated certification authority shall recognize the relevant examination and test results, formulate relevant conversion schemes (including differential inspection items, supplementary factory inspection, etc.) and implement the certification entrustment of enterprises with valid production licenses, issue CCC certificates to products meeting the certification requirements, and at the same time, issue CCC certificates to enterprises. The local provincial market supervision department notifies the list of licensed enterprises. In principle, the cost of certification and inspection in the process of certificate conversion shall be borne by the finance.

                    (4) Provincial market supervision departments shall promptly go through the formalities for cancellation of production licenses according to the notification of certification bodies and the expiration of production licenses. On October 1, 2020, the General Administration of Market Supervision cancelled all valid production licenses that had not been converted.

                    (5) For the products manufactured during the period of validity of the production license, the original packaging (meeting the requirements of the production license) can be continued after October 1, 2020.